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Botox For Crow's Feet

What are crows feet?

Crows feet are the popular name given to the lines around the eyes. In some people they occur when squinting, in others they are there at rest.

Why do we develop crows feet?

Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective at eliminating these lines to give a more youthful appearance. Sun exposure, smoking, and repeated use of the muscles around the eyes are all factors increasing your chance of developing these lines. We always recommend using high factor sunscreen (at least factor 30), stopping smoking if you are already a smoker and wearing sunglasses to help reduce these lines

How many units do I need to treat crow’s feet?

The number of units that you might need depends on the depth of the lines and how much they extend down the cheeks. For minimal crows feet we generally use 5-6 units on each side. For extensive crows feet we can use 10-12 units on each side. Men may need 1.5 times this amount due to having stronger muscles. Read all about anti-wrinkle units here.

How many injections will I need to treat my crow’s feet?

The video below shows our technique for injecting simple crows feet with 6 units of anti-wrinkle product. We inject 2 units into each injection point as shown below. Injections are very superficial under the skin to reduce the risk of bruising.

Botox, Botox Injection, Botox Rochester, Monroe Medspa, Crows Feet, wrinkle

The example to the side shows us treating more difficult crow’s feet. 5 small injections are made with 2 units given to all injections. Injections are made at least 1cm away from the eye to be safe, and injections are superficial to avoid bruising.

Cost of crows feet treatment at Cityskin, Melbourne

The cost of treating these crows feet varies from person to person but as a general rule, females need between 6 and 12 units of anti wrinkle injection each side to reduce these lines for up to 4 month.

As a rough guide it costs between $144 and $288 to treat crows feet.

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

Injections are less painful than patients expect. Using a very small needle minimizes the discomfort. Dr. Ben is also able to use several techniques to make it even more pain free.

Dr Brown explaining how to treat crows feet

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment at Monroe MedSpa in Rochester, NY online. We do not charge for a consultation so coming in and learning about Botox can be a wonderful way to learn and get comfortable with Botox!

Which crows feet are easy to treat?

The easiest crows feet to treat are those that are short and radiate out from the corner of the eye. For the patient below we would use approximately 6 units of anti-wrinkle product to relax the lines. The treatment should last 3-4 months when the correct amount of units are used.

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Botox for Crow's Feet Wrinkles

When do crows feet become difficult to treat?

When crows feet radiate down the cheek, as shown in the picture below, they become hard to treat. This is because the lower crows feet lie very close to the muscles that lift the cheeks and mouth corners. If lower crows feet are treated too aggressively it can restrict the ability to lift the cheeks and make the cheeks look flatter and less full.

How to treat difficult lower crows feet

One option for treating lower crows feet is to use dermal filler rather than anti-wrinkle injections. Dermal filler can soften the lower crows and preserve the cheek height which could be lost if anti-wrinkle injections were used.

In the video below Dr. Ben of Monroe MedSpa explains how Botox can be used to treat Crows Feet wrinkles!

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