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PDO Thread Lift

Suspended Thread Lift: $1950 

The suspended thread lift is a non-surgical facelift procedure that utilizes PDO threads in a new and innovative way to create a more substantial result than a traditional thread lift.  It was developed by Dr. Ben at Monroe MedSpa.  Dr. Ben uses a type of PDO thread that has little barbs on them and when placed using the suspended thread lift technique it creates a self suspended system that improves upon the final results. Because it is not a surgical facelift there is no cutting, visible sutures, scarring, or significant downtime.  The procedure can be performed in 30 minutes and patients are able to return to their activities immediately after.  You can book a free consultation online by clicking on the book now buttom above.


Below are a few photos of actual clients who have undergone the Suspended Thread Lift at Monroe MedSpa and they have granted permission for the use of their images.  


What is a PDO threadlift? Please explain the process?

The PDO threadlift consists of introducing multiple very gentle threads in an area with 2 actions in mind: a nice initial gentle lift and a secondary lift a few months later when the threads are replaced by collagen strands.

What can a PDO threadlift achieve for patients?

PDO floating threads can lift and tighten the skin.

What patients are suitable and will benefit from this procedure?

Anyone. It can be done as a treatment for a suitably volumised patient who needs a lift, or as a preventive procedure so that the face does not sag for about 2 years or so.

How long does the procedure take?

This will depend on the number of threads.
Typically a full face of threads requires about 30-45 min

Is the procedure painful?

Pain is minimal and it can become virtually pain free if a topical anaesthetic cream is applied 1 hour before the procedure

What areas of the face neck and body are these threads suitable for?

Brow lift (gentle)
Mid face lift
Lower face and jawline lift
Inner thigh
Inner arm

What are the risks associated with this procedure?
Bruising and swelling are the most common

What is the downtime associated with this procedure?
Swelling for 48 hours
Bruising if it occurs, not in everyone- 7 days

What is the price of the threadlift procedure?
Traditional thread lift is $100 per thread. A typical lower face thread lift costs between $1000-$1400

How long will the procedure last? Or a much better question is "when will patients want their next threadlift after their first threadlift"?
It lasts for 12-24 months. That is the same with both types of threads
Because the PDO’s are versatile, in a small number, say 10-20 they can be topped up anytime.
Unlike the PLLA threads, The PDO’s are not anchored to the scalp. They are called floating threads and their lift is due to the small pull from each individual thread that does not feel tight but looks tight.

Non surgical face lift, thread lift
Non surgical face lift, thread lift
Non surgical face lift, thread lift
Non surgical face lift, thread lift
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